Typing is so much fun when you do it on Always Icecream!
ROSIE, 3rd Grader
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Kids Can Have Fun While Learning to Type

In order for kids to learn typing they need to be motivated and engaged. Always Icecream motivates girls by placing learning in a rewarding environment that is fun and creative and has been especially designed for girls. Many sites offer typing, but few can do it in a world of integrated learning like Always Icecream does. We provide an online world for girls between 7 and 12, and we make it exciting to be there often to play and learn.

Try out a some of our math, geography and typing games for free here:

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The Ice Cone Machine

The Ice Cone Machine is one of many learning games on Always Icecream. Kids learn to type with all ten fingers without looking at the keyboard. They get rewarded for learning progress with so-called $coops. The $coops they earn, they can then spend in kids-friendly games such as MiniWorld where they can decorate their own house or design their own clothes. This is a great motivator that helps them to learn typing faster while having fun. Try it out yourself:

Typing Tips

- Set up a schedule - Unless you establish a "schedule for learning" it is all to easy to find an excuse for not practicing.
- Reserve fifteen minutes - Have them complete a couple of practice exercises. It might not sound like much, but you are building a foundation.
- Typing without looking at the keys - Use a quick stroke to strike each key. Do not “press” or “hammer” the key. Strike the key quickly and move on!
- Locate the home-row keys - Make sure they use the correct fingers to strike the keys.
When your kids are using a typing game, guide them correctly - simply pounding on the keyboard is not the way to develop your typing skills. (When your kids get used to this type of typing, then you'd be wasting your time and money for the long term.) You will want your kids to learn the correct way of typing, which he or she can learn through a typing game.

A Playground with Protections

We’ve built Always Icecream as a protected space for your kids. Parents receive regular reports of their daughter's activities on the site. Always Icecream has been certified by Privo to meet or exceed the requirements of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 2000.

Try Out the Typing Game and More for Free, then Decide

Always Icecream offer a FREE TRIAL. If you like the site, there is a modest monthly membership fee.

Other typing programs were a chore, but on Always Icecream my daughter has so much fun!
ERIKA, Mother of a 9 Year Old Daughter